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It was the goal of East Side Players to be a neighbourhood theatre team to cultivate interest, gratitude and also involvement in theatre production for a vast array of people of all ages. The neighbourhood community took advantage of their programs also, by seeing live theatre comfortably situated in their neighbourhood starring friends and family.

About East Side Players

East Side Players was one of Toronto's longest-established area theatre teams. Formed in 1967, when East York Players and Leaside Players signed up and joined forces, they had been engaging audiences for over 50 years. Their double objective was to provide service to the community: by offering engaging, economical theatre in a comfortable room and by offering people an opportunity to establish their passions by participating in productions.

They were a charitable group, yet preserved high standards, having won various honours for finest production, directing, acting and technical success. More than 250,000 theatre-goers have actually enjoyed their 200 programs which included comedies, dramas, enigmas, thrillers and also initial musical performances. They played at the remodelled Papermill Theatre at Todmorden Mills in the heart of Toronto, where they were the resident theatre company from 1972 until closing down in 2020.

East Side Players: About the Papermill Theatre

Established inside the historical Todmorden Mills, the theatre was the resident home of Toronto's East Side Players. It has the feeling of an intimate efficiency space with its attractive series of posts as well as light beams. Renovated in 2005 by honour winning engineer Alar Kongats, this 19th-century paper mill is now a fully accessible, state-of-the-art theatre. Throughout the 19th century, the Papermill Theatre and Gallery was an operating paper mill that generated the very first machine-made paper in Upper Canada. Todmorden Mills Heritage Site is among the 10 historic museums run by the City of Toronto.

Plays at the Papermill Theatre

at Todmorden Mills

67 Pottery Road, Toronto, ON M4K 2B9

Becoming a Member of East Side Players

East Side Players was a non-profit, neighbourhood theatre. In order to remain to develop budget-friendly, top-quality theatre they required volunteers to help in running all facets of the business. They always looked for stars, supervisors, producers, stage managers, lighting developers and front of house personnel.

Interest, love for theatre and a determination to learn is all the skills they required to be a member of East Side Players. Their membership season was from September to June of each year and the subscription fee for the year was $25. They were always looking for people who were prepared to experience the excitement and satisfaction of becoming part of their group.

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East Side Players Toronto: COVID-19 News

This sad final message was posted on East Side Players' website. It was a message to all customers, participants and volunteers previous and present, was posted on their website.

As East Side Players needed to change their emphasis to what is a very unsure future, they were not positive they would be able to weather this pandemic. The cancellation of their season was a large economic worry for them. Without the income from their final program and also their spring membership drive, they would not have the ability to cover their yearly costs. They were in a place they never ever wished to be in, having to make a decision they never thought they would have to make.

As all various other theatre businesses have actually done, they too had cancelled the rest of their 2019-2020 period program of, Shakespeare in Love. They thanked their East York players and crew for their devotion and dedication as well as their desire to persevere regardless of the extremely tough conditions.

It is for that reason with great sorrow and a heavy heart that they had to reveal that they had no choice but to shut East Side Players down. They did not make that decision easily however felt it was the most fiscally prudent decision given current and unpredictable future conditions.

They took that opportunity to thank each and every client, participant, volunteer, and also fan of live theatre for their continued assistance throughout the years. They would not have actually been as effective as they were without everyone's commitment. They will certainly not forget that for over 50 years, East Side Players had given interesting as well as budget-friendly enjoyment in addition to chances for area members to participate and get involved in the making of live theatre magic.

A new beginning for eastsideplayers.ca

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Plays at the Papermill Theatre

at Todmorden Mills

67 Pottery Road, Toronto ON M4K 2B9

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